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How to Stick to the Landing When You Communicate

There have been times when someone reaches out; I see it flash on a screen, and can’t find it again. 

I check email, text, voicemail, Facebook messaging and Instagram direct messaging, LinkedIn and YouTube and still can’t locate the mysterious message. 

I know I have an age disadvantage in today’s digital world. My kids don’t have the same issues. 

Nor, do they know how much simpler it was when we just walked down the hall and spoke to one another at work. Or, that there are still times when that works best. 

We are forever changed in how we deliver communication, and with the obvious positives and negatives to it all, we have little choice but to navigate the new terrain as effectively as we can.

A whole new set of skills need to be developed, and it affects us whether we are seeking out new work, or attracting new clients or customers.  

The modern delivery systems have changed the way we communicate dramatically. 

Because of our focus on new delivery systems, we are adapting our communication to fit, and that isn’t often the best way to connect with others.

In today’s world, we are both very connected and quite disconnected all at the same time. 

I believe that several of the old rules still apply, particularly when a real connection matters to you. 

Clarity, courtesy, and respect are still rules of the game if you want your messages to land well with people who matter.

If a few words don’t communicate what you need to say, be smarter than those you see trying to fit enormous messages into a 5-word tweet. 

The goal is to express yourself well enough so that you are clear in the first communication. You will more likely have an opportunity to continue a conversation that is intriguing to someone else.

Few people today have the time or willingness to decipher an unclear message. 

They will, however, invest time in asking clarifying questions and get to know you better if the first communication connects with them in some way. 

When communicating your brand message, as a career changer or business owner, here are a few best practices:

  1. Know your purpose. Be clear on what you care about, stand for and are an expert in. Create a clear message that expresses it authentically and succinctly.
  2. Speak from the heart. Interest in you often comes from an emotional connection. It’s important to communicate intelligently, but that alone doesn’t always spark a connection.Conveying your heartfelt passion for what you do or why you do it, can relay information that creates trust and deeper understanding.
  3. Be prepared to speak on behalf of your greatness. Prepare and practice speaking about your talents, gifts, and interests. The ones that equip you to help an organization or an individual in a unique way.This is not bragging, this is providing information that informs a potential hiring manager or client as to why you are a great choice.

It is your responsibility to give them the information that will help them decide whether to hire or buy from you. Think in terms of making sure they are adequately informed decision-makers. 

These are the three tips to enhance communication from the get-go. You can loop back to these three as conversations progress.

Being prepared to speak about these aspects of who you are, will get the communication off to a clear and relatable start, and continue to deepen the relationship as it moves forward.