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Quick Case Study of Pivoting in Unusual Times

Right now is the ideal time to muster up that courage that you have, but don’t always use. Changing gears is a bold and courageous act, and usually requires some planning. 

But less so today.

You may not have planned a big change in how you work, but it’s not an option, so go into it boldly and quickly. If possible, “fly the plane as you build it,” as my mentor likes to say.

I’d like to introduce you to Grayson Kent, founder of Rock N Roll Reptiles and a passionate Paleobiologist. 

Grayson works with children who are interested in science, to enrich their knowledge beyond what is taught at school, to inspire and teach critical thinking and to generate appreciation for nature and history. 

He currently teaches in-person classes and does private tutoring. His business concept is to bring natural history to you, and he has the fossils and live animals to do just that. 

Grayson, whom I’ve had the pleasure to work with and to see present, is great with kids, including kids who learn differently or are bored with regular school. He is a wealth of fascinating facts and stories about the natural world. 

As with anyone who interacts directly with the public, Grayson had to make a rapid shift in how he works. 

He is now offering online classes, in a variety of topics, as well as online tutoring. Although I know he will miss being in the classroom, this is a wide-open opportunity for more kids to learn from him. 

Not only should we pivot ourselves in this time, but we can support other businesses who are becoming very creative at this time. 

All the business owners that are online now, offering curbside pickup, or doing on-line pop-ups that address specific needs.

From retailers to restaurants and real estate professionals, find your favorites and see if they are still offering products or services in a new way.

Keep supporting them if you can. You may just find some delightful special deals.

In some ways, all of us might look back and think, why didn’t I try some of this earlier?

The door is open to new territories for your work or business. Many are walking through those doorways right now, not sure what they will find, but open to the possibility that it could be an exceptional opportunity.

If you are currently homeschooling your children and you are interested in speaking with Grayson about classes or tutoring, you can email him at