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Career Transition Coaching

Are you unsure how to best prepare yourself for a professional move? Or an executive who is unfulfilled or disappointed in your career, but feeling stuck? Have you tried without success to find work that really lights you up?

We Can Help.

Mentoring You Toward a Better Future

Career transitions are an expected event in today’s world. There are occupational changes that are your choice and those that aren’t. In either case, you face challenges and opportunities to spark new life into your work or change it altogether.

No matter what your industry, position, or age, you can successfully make the shift into a fulfilling, purposeful new career, and live the life you were always meant to.


How to Create Work That Makes You Happy

If you are considering a career change, watch the video below for a few tips to get you started.


Powerful, Complimentary Guides & Resources to Make Big Leaps!

Learn The Secret to Powerful Money Making Decisions

Do you hope to earn or keep enough money to live your goals and dreams? You may have money boundaries that need to change – NOW! Perhaps you need better boundaries for a stronger relationship with money. Download this checklist and rate your boundaries to pinpoint what needs to change for a spectacular financial future.

Professional Power Process™

Limit Free Life’s career coaching programs creatively and compassionately guide you through our Professional Power Process™ to achieve clarity, direction and to develop all the tools and techniques you need to transform your career and financial future.

Transition strategically using our Professional Power Process™ to:

Assess and leverage the gifts, strengths, talents and experience you possess

Find a position and organization that are aligned with your values and desired work environment

Increase your confidence and independence, and feel the way you want to feel on a daily basis

Create more income and an improved lifestyle

Build a personal brand, a trusted network and communicate more more effectively

Discover opportunities to step into a new, elevated version of you with greater fulfillment and financial growth potential

Satisfy your soul and spread joy through all aspects of your life

Schedule a call with Michelle to find out your strategic direction & let us show you what simple steps you need to take so you can make the change you want.

Empowering You

We empower you to visualize a bold and better future, and to quickly move toward your goals. We provide the support, accountability, education and current advice relevant to a rapidly changing world.

Transition strategically using our Professional Power Process™ to:

Partner with a trusted, objective advisor and receive consistent mentorship, support, and accountability

Find your purpose, and customize a solid job search strategy designed to help you reach your goals

Create necessary tools that work for you and learn and practice new skills (including Resume, LinkedIn, Networking, Interviewing, and more)


The Impact of Career Change

Watch Michelle as she explains the power and impact that a career change had on her family when she was a child.

Ready to Take the First Step?

Take The First Step

With the right mentor, you will be able to find the best answers, overcome limitations, take action, and quickly make the kinds of decisions that will change the course of your life and career!

Let us help you find right path.