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Build a Profitable Business You Love

Business ownership is a journey like few others- brave, creative, adventuresome and uncertain. Let me help you in that journey.

Entrepreneurial dreams require a vision and strategies for success that reflect your values, and unique essence.

You can lose your way quickly in business without proper support and objective mentorship. And, waiting costs you time, money and motivation.

It doesn’t take long for a good coach working with a dedicated, open minded entrepreneur (like you) to make significant changes that will transform your business and lead to greater fulfillment, joy and profits.

It doesn’t take long for a good coach working with a dedicated, open minded entrepreneur (like you) to make significant changes that will transform your business and lead to greater fulfillment, joy and profits.


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Your Coach

I’ve been working with entrepreneurs since the beginning of my professional work life when I was with Ernst and Young as a business consultant working in their new Entrepreneurial Service Department. I wrote business plans for dreamers with big ideas and a need for funding.

I loved their energy, optimism and innovative thinking. My plan was to someday become one of them.

What I have learned in the decades since then about entrepreneurs, is that many have an expertise outside of business. Maybe they are dentists, web developers, creatives, coaches, or anyone who has trained extensively in specific areas. In their quest to use their expertise in service to others, they find themselves in a business owner role, without the business knowledge they need to succeed in the way they want.

This may be you, working hard to serve the world in a big way with your expertise, but the business side of it is getting you down and driving you crazy. It’s just not working out the way you’d hoped and planned and you aren’t sure what to do.

Powerful, Complimentary Guides & Resources to Make Big Leaps!

There are many reasons for this, but ultimately it might feel like this:

You are either not spending enough time ON the business to move it forward and ensure profits – you feel stuck and on a hamster wheel doing the work, but you can’t find another way.

Or, the business is running you and to be profitable you are working for the money and leaving your values and mission behind, so you suddenly have a business that is not authentic, fulfilling or that you even enjoy.

In either case, there may be limited options to scale which can feel like a trap.

Most entrepreneurs dream of creating a business that supports their Limit Free Life and it’s enormously frustrating and disappointing when the efforts of building a business leave the owner feeling more locked down than free.

Time to Get Real

Because owning your own business is a huge part of your life, when it’s not working well, everything is impacted:

Your health, wealth and relationships.

You didn’t start a business to be frustrated trying to earn a living, unable to invest in growth or take care of your family in the way you’d hoped. Don’t perpetuate that struggle, which can be minimized or eliminated with the right steps.

My Coaching Philosophy

Creating and developing a business is a journey for both the business and the business owner.

It is holistic. It is art. There is an energy flow between the business owner, the business itself and everyone who comes into contact with it.

It is an intellectual, emotional and spiritual journey that affects all aspects of life. The path has a beginning and no known end; it is an adventure and an exploration that will reveal itself over time.

The journey, in its most desirable state, is one that moves an organization to a place of sustainability, innovation, vision manifestation, profitability, empowerment, purpose and social contribution. It is a journey of self-development for the entrepreneur as well.

The process contributes to deep awareness and understanding of oneself. It leads to introspection, learning, development of courage, patience and persistence, the management of resistance and habits – it’s a journey to Business Enlightenment.

The 10 Foundational Steps to Business Enlightenment

  1. Use your optimal, core feelings as directional guide posts
  2. Be aware of your strengths and values and leverage them
  3. Develop clarity of purpose and brand
  4. Create an overarching vision and confident leadership skills
  5. Build decision making prowess and a positive mindset for change
  6. Learn to relate to money in a empowered way and to generate profits
  7. Develop strategy and execute tactically – adapt willingly
  8. Design proper systems and a growth infrastructure
  9. Focus on team building and scaling principles
  10. Work ethically and in authenticity

This approach and outlook on business is significant, because for many of us being in business is about so much more than making a living, paying bills and retiring. It’s about weaving together a life and career you love, aligned with your true self and your purpose.

My Coaching Philosophy

I invite you to set up a discovery session to discuss your business challenges and receive help with some strategies, actions or new perspectives that will shine light on your current situation.