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Are You Winning with Money?

Do you ever think about and track your financial wins? Most people are fixated on what’s going wrong with their money. If you believe, even a little, that what you focus on expands, then you will want to put as much of your focus as possible on what you want in life. 

A client of mine recently had a rather large win from an inheritance. That was clearly a win. What occurred to me afterwards was how many other wins were happening that were being overlooked. They were smaller and less dramatic, but still should have been noticed and acknowledged.

When we think about the positive things happening with our money, we develop a better outlook around money in general. It’s as if more IS possible, and hope for a better future comes from that – simply by noticing.

I did a little experiment with her afterwards and she wrote down her other money wins for a couple weeks.

  • She reduced her T-mobile cell phone bill after a phone call
  • Increased her credit score which she’d been working on
  • Moved money to a higher yield savings account
  • Discovered a financial retirement benefit that she’d forgotten she had
  • Paid off an overdraft line of credit

Some of these will help her immediately and some are for the future, but all are wins. It was a fun game to look for the win each day, and the size of it didn’t matter. It’s the impact of knowing that positive money moves can be created by your actions and decisions that matters.

Just as we notice and get a jolt of hope from the occasional money event that comes to you unexpectedly, like the inheritance, we can generate this “winning” feeling by finding creative ideas for our money, implementing actions that help us and noticing the results we create. This builds financial confidence.

Confidence makes you feel more in control. Feeling like you have control with your money alleviates stress and doubt and elevates a sense of hope, freeing you to think about what you want in life. Humans thrive in possibility.

Something as simple as tracking financial wins will make an enormous difference. As a mentor of mine says, “small hinges swing big doors.” Try it and see for yourself, and be especially aware of what you say to yourself when you experience a win. That’s a different discussion, but will reveal important secrets about your feelings about yourself and money. Awareness is the beginning of transformation – always.

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