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Can You Relate?

Relating is connecting, associating or involving oneself with something or someone.  You do this daily with work, money, food, exercise and many other areas of life. Your best life happens when these components interact harmoniously and intentionally.

What about the balance in these relationships? It is difficult to find harmony when any of these relationships are really off.  Try rating your satisfaction in each of the following life areas from 1-10 (1 being the weakest and 10 the strongest) – personal relationships, career, business, money, health, faith and play.  Look at the most highly rated area and identify what you love about it and why.

Can You Relate?

Write it a love letter.

I know it sounds silly, but I was asked (in a coaching session) to write my money a letter and then have my money write one to me (I wrote both letters, of course). It was remarkable and revealing, what I had to say to my money and what it communicated back to me.  It had some strong feelings about how I was treating it.

That exercise strengthened our relationship and we had an understanding after that. It helped create a bond and some positive change in our relationship. Frankly, I was trying harder after that exercise because I heard what my money was asking me to do and where it was disappointed.

After rating your life areas, try this exercise with the highest rated area and the lowest, and see what comes up for you. This creates a way for you to look at something in your life from a unique angle, and the perspective shift will allow you to see more than you could before.

You see things more clearly when you look through a different lens or have someone else look at it along with you.  You may see a way to enhance that aspect of life so you can love it more than ever, and that would make February a success.