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Do You Believe?

Whatever THE MIND OF MAN can CONCEIVE and BELIEVE – It can ACHIEVE. — Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich

What is it that you want for yourself or your business and do you believe you can have it? Let’s assume that you are a business owner, what are your financial goals for your business this year, this month, in three years?

If you don’t know the answers, there is some analytical work to be done. If you know the answers and the goals were derived reasonably, but you are not sure if your goals are achievable, then have you asked yourself why? What would be the limiting factors?

What are your thoughts about your own ability to earn, accumulate and grow your wealth? It’s a pretty fascinating question. One that no one was asking at the consulting firm where we helped entrepreneurs create business plans to acquire venture capital. One that no one was asking in MBA school, at least not when I was there.

Do you believe

Just as you are in relationships with people, you are in relationship with money. You may be insecure, you may be overly confident, you may worry constantly or resent having to pay attention to it at all. You may try to hold on too tight and not allow for growth.

As with any relationship, you can become aware of your own thoughts and patterns and assess whether you are being served or held back by the relationship you have with money. Is it wonderful and making you happy and meeting your needs, or is it toxic and making you depressed and sick? Is it somewhere in between?

As a business owner, you take yourself and your beliefs into that CEO position. Your beliefs emanate out into the company and determine much of what results. Doesn’t it make sense to understand those beliefs at the start and to reevaluate them regularly?

Clarity about what you want to accomplish and aligning your beliefs with those desires is the important first step in business. If you gloss over it because it seems unnecessary or too simplistic, you will likely find yourself coming back to it at some point when you are having difficulties in your business.

The best means to understand your relationship with money that I have come across is a secret money archetypes assessment developed by Kendall Summerhawk. This assessment will identify your dominant money archetypes, highlight your strengths and your challenges. If you take the assessment you will learn much about your own money beliefs.

From that point you can take that awareness and learn to use your archetypes to your advantage to gain a leading edge over both money and time. You can maximize your strengths and eliminate limitations and you will gain confidence in your ability to increase your wealth.

Discovering and understanding your archetypes is the starting point, but there are distinct ways to change your money beliefs so that you reduce the challenges you encounter, and ways to learn to use the archetypes in your decision making.

I will be teaching a 4 week virtual class that will give participants a chance to take the archetypes assessment, clean up their money clutter, and engage in exercises that facilitate change in how you relate to money. Here is the link to the class.

If you would like to discuss it further, please feel free to call me and ask me any questions you might have.

This class is a great first step toward getting your money beliefs in order, so that you and your business can achieve more. Once you know your archetypes, they are constantly present in your mind when you are making decisions about money, time and energy. It is both fascinating and highly beneficial.

Here is a quick way to assess some of your money beliefs:

Assume money is a person. Write a letter to your money letting him/her know how you feel about him/her.

Then have money write a letter to you and allow your money to let you know how he/she feels about you. See what comes up. You may have a lot to say to one another.