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Just Work Hard – The Myth

People are different and that is the basic premise behind Limit Free Life, that everyone sees and experiences the world uniquely, and can find their own genuine, authentic place(s) in the diverse world of work.

In the right work situation, fulfillment and happiness can be attained, which ultimately contributes positively to all aspects of life.

It’s more complex once you begin the journey to find that “right’ path and land a position or build a business within it. So, some become turned off or stop believing it’s possible. There is so much to be gained from the quest, however that the journey is worthwhile, whatever the outcome for many people. 

More often than not, it leads to new experiences and growth that you would not and could not have planned for. I see this all the time with clients. We all have limited awareness until we allow ourselves to venture outside of what we know.  

That is where intentions and an adventurous spirit can lead to surprising results and earlier restrictions we’ve created in our minds evaporate. It feels freeing. You are liberating yourself from self imposed limiting ideas. 

Some people take this on in a hard driving, relentless pursuit. At certain times, that works best. It did when I took the CPA exam for example.

However, if under consistent pressure for long periods of time, the concept of a limit free life goes out the window. You are then putting so much pressure on yourself that your sense of freedom disappears, as does your joy. 

Once you realize that this is a journey and not a race with a finish line and a distinct payoff, you recognize that the benefits of taking the pressure off on a regular basis will actually allow you to maintain the adventurous spirit, enjoy the process and gain an advantage toward reaching the next milestone.

Remember to decompress on a regular basis, the benefits will outweigh anything you might fear losing. 

Here are some ideas for decompressing that don’t minimize or interfere with your quest, but only serve it by relaxing you, clearing your mind clutter and allowing in new and creative ideas. 

  1. Consciously schedule in down time in a variety of ways – If you can plan days off that is important. If you can only get in a few hours on a day off, then do that, but truly get away from the environment where work exists, be it office work or housework. The only way to fully relax and gain a sense of calm is to be in a place where you aren’t feeling the pressure from environmental reminders. 
  2. Schedule breaks throughout the day – Moving every 50 minutes in some way rejuvenates the body and mind. Take 10 minutes breaks every hour if working from home (or when allowed at work) and get outside if possible, even a cleaning break is exercise and can feel good. Breath deeply during the break, breathwork is amazing! A ten-minute meditation is also an exceptional time out. 

    Shift your perspective so the breaks are actually an important part of your workday, not leisure time. Now they are non-negotiable, it’s work that must be done.

  3. Use the time to celebrate your accomplishments, or to learn from your mistakes – Pay attention to how the last block of work time went. Did you do what you set out to do? Did you have a plan you followed or were you randomly choosing a task? Did you like the work you did? 

    Check-ins don’t need to take long. Quick assessments like this will allow you to see your successes and note what you are doing well. They allow you to course correct if you got off track, so you can make the next block more intentional.

  4. Do a mid week brain dump – In the middle of the week (I do this on Wednesday evening) write down everything you need or want to do in no particular order. These can be personal or work related items. Get everything out of your mind so you can release the worry that you might forget something.

    Once you have an extensive list, prioritize the tasks that are most important to focus on in the next week and move those to the top of the list. Allow everything else to linger below. Do this each week to free your mind, see what’s going on and make sure you know where your focus needs to be. To-do list overwhelm destroys clarity and creates confusion and a sense of defeat.
  5. Re-center yourself regularly by checking in with your “why” – which should be written out and within sight. Remember what this effort is for in the bigger picture of your life, so the details don’t consume your consciousness. Step back from the tasks and reframe the day and week in the context of what is most important, then return to it with a big picture, long-term perspective. 

    Maybe you don’t need to be as obsessive as you are being with a specific task or maybe it creates incentive to complete a project. It’s the compass that can guide you in the right direction.

Time off is as important as time working. Sometimes we forget or we are confused by the idea that hard work is the key to success. It’s also work to boost your results by stepping away and allowing your brain to switch gears and to engage your body in the process. 

Our minds and bodies are so connected that neither can be ignored as you work toward new achievements. It’s all part of the effort. It’s a more holistic process than we’ve been led to believe. Treat decompression seriously and you will see the benefits.