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Ep. 97 Measuring Market Conditions For Minimizing Volatility


Kurt Altrichter learned how financial advisors operate in the traditional financial institutions and saw some of the flaws. We learned fascinating information about the typical ways your portfolio is addressed and what else could be done to improve your odds of building more wealth. “After a decade working in the wealth management industry, in the midst of the global pandemic, Kurt decided to resign from his wealth management firm to start Ivory Hill with no solicitation, no clients and no assets under management. In less than 14 months, Ivory Hill grew to almost $50M in AUM. Kurt credits Ivory Hill’s success to his investment strategy that is hyper focused on “winning by not losing as much”. Kurt grew sick of the bear market advisor rhetoric such as “This is a long-term investment approach” and “the market will come back eventually so we just need to stay the course.” He got sick of the industry’s investment strategy after seeing clients suffer losses during 2011, 2018, and 2020. In an effort to help investors monitor the changing market conditions, he developed the RiskSIGNAL, a proprietary, math-based and quantitative based indicator, with the goal of lessening the impacts of emotional investment decisions. Kurt started Ivory Hill, a fee-only fiduciary financial advisor firm specializing in holistic retirement plans and private wealth management for forward-thinking organizations and individuals. Ivory Hill is dedicated to creating opportunities for clients to leave their own legacy through customized financial planning and Kurt specializes in overseeing the finances for closely held businesses, entrepreneurs, and social media entrepreneurs.” Contact Information:       952-828-5336   

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