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Your professional life should be one of the best parts of your life. Is it? If you can dream it, we’ll help you create it, so you can live it.

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For Your Money Relationship

Could your relationship with money possibly be sabotaging your business or career growth? Would you like to feel in control of your money and at ease with it – even masterful?

We offer money coaching to uncover your specific money beliefs and habits that are helping you or harming you. This is foundational to living life on your terms and in the way you choose.

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For Entrepreneurs

Are you an entrepreneur whose business is not meeting the vision you had for it? Are you overwhelmed, struggling financially, unable to grow and scale or losing your way?

We provide custom business mentoring and training, so you can create a prosperous, inspired business with a clear vision and a structured, strategic way forward to achieving new heights of success.

For Career Changers

Are you struggling in your career? Are you in-between positions, unfulfilled, bored, frustrated with your work, or just dreaming bigger?

We offer executive and career coaching options so you can find clarity, direction and a career that lights you up, where work doesn’t feel like “work” but does feel purposeful, worthwhile, engaging and fun.

Meet Michelle M. Perkins, MBA

“When I meet ambitious people with ideas, interests and talents, passing up opportunities to create more ideal work lives for themselves, I want to champion them.”

Go On a “Money Date” With Us - Dates Coming Soon.

Solve Your Money Relationship Problems Forever By “Dating” Your Money

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Learn The Secret to Powerful Money Making Decisions

Do you hope to earn or keep enough money to live your goals and dreams? You may have money boundaries that need to change – NOW! Perhaps you need better boundaries for a stronger relationship with money. Download this checklist and rate your boundaries to pinpoint what needs to change for a spectacular financial future.


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