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Ep. 93 Myths About Money



Today’s show takes a look at some of the money myths that we are still carrying around from days past or that we assume are correct because we’ve never been told anything different.
Sometimes money ideas stick around longer than they should and because we base decisions on these ideas, they may really interfere with our financial progress.
A few money myths are:
1. That our expenses related to children will go away at an “early” adult  age.
2. That our retirement will happen at an age we planned on years ago.
3. That money and financial success are possible with no planning or forethought.
4. That if we are great at what we do and work hard, money will appear.
5. That when we don’t have money it is because we don’t earn enough.
6. That we can simply believe our way to wealth.
These and more are discussed in today’s show to wake you up to a few money myths that would be better dispelled.

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