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Ep. 90 The Keys to Self Mastery with Money with Amy Westbrook



I love people who understand that you must build and align the emotional/psychological thoughts and feelings around money, in order to make the best decisions about money. This is a great show to learn more about how you can think and act in ways that expand your financial well being and wealth.

Amy Westbrook is changing the way people think about money and their approach to building wealth. She’s on a mission to help professionals and growth-minded business owners raise the bar on their financial potential, versus struggling with the mainstream “shrink your way to wealth” advice.

As a professional wealth coach and founder of The Capital Life, Amy empowers financial freedom seekers to confidently earn, manage and grow their wealth to new

levels. She’ll help you discover your money blind spots, fast track your success and manifest greater time, energy, and money without sacrificing yourself in the process.

Start now to elevate your influence and financial legacy!


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I’m excited to offer you a way to develop a next level relationship with money that will empower your mindset and financial mastery by “dating your money.”  Until you understand how YOU relate to money and what you believe about money, nothing will change. Once you begin to get to know yourself with money, learn the fundamentals of money management, and operate in a new way with money, everything will open up. Join my signature  “Your Money Date” Program and I’ll help you make the shift.