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Ep. 89 Free Readily Available Resources with Tina Lerno



Are you trying to educate yourself on money, change careers or start a business but feel held back by the cost of doing so?
How do you save money on SO many things? Join your local library. Books, audio books, music, movies, language learning, museum tickets, this list goes on. There are services you’ve never thought about that are free through the library. We don’t use these resources because we don’t know they exist or don’t know how to access them easily. Listen here – you’ll be surprised by what’s available.
Tina Lerno is a librarian for the City of Los Angeles and part of the library’s digital content team. Before becoming a librarian, Tina earned a degree in art from UCLA, and worked in the world of television animation doing color design on shows such as Harold and the Purple Crayon, Jackie Chan Adventures, and the Boondocks. Her past experience working in tv animation and graphic design provides her with a unique perspective on library services and user needs.

She is currently part of the Los Angeles Public Library’s Digital Content team where she is responsible for user-facing web content and design.

She is a native of Los Angeles, Ca. where she currently resides with her two children and her three cats. Her vast vinyl record collection makes an excellent backdrop for reading, and she reads about 500 books a year!

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