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Ep. 83 Earning On Your Own After Divorce with Leenna Choudharry



After leaving an arranged marriage situation, Leena Choudharry was determined to earn what she needed to provide for herself and her family. As an immigrant, she had some unique challenges as well as the benefits of some cultural mindsets that allowed her to seek help in scaling her business.

She’s a forward-thinking, innovative, and solutions-oriented professional with a proven 15 + year record of leadership and accomplishments. Listen in for great tips on starting over, how to manage multiple businesses and a job and family. And, how to build businesses that can run without you.

After completing her undergraduate and masters in India with focus on Accounting and Finance she moved to the US. In 2012, she started her entrepreneurial journey with an academic tutoring and test-prep program. This business has grown and expanded ever since. In 2018, she started a recruitment agency which is MWBE certified and provides full service outsourced recruitment support. Her clients are from Fintech, IT, Banking, Aviation space. 

When she left her marriage, she faced the task of restarting her life afresh and being able to earn money on her own terms which was crucial. 

Currently she manages two companies and a full time job. The support and attention of friends, family, mentors and fellow entrepreneurs in her circle has been the foundation of her success.

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