I’m so excited to share with you an exercise from my Money Relationship Coaching method. This checklist may hold those key answers to fix your money struggles.

You can be doing everything right in your work life or business and still feel frustrated with your financial results. That’s maddening. If you find yourself saying I should be doing well financially, but I’m not, then this should help.

This checklist will provide insight into where and how you may be settling, shrinking, or holding back from earning what you deserve and desire.

It will also reveal where you may be missing out on opportunities to save or invest, and much more.

However you are managing your income; changing the way you think about money will make a huge difference. Your decision making and actions are a result of your patterns of money thinking.

And, money boundary breakthroughs are possible once you understand your thinking.

Bust Through Money Relationship Boundaries PDF Cover


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Take this in without judgment, and acknowledge yourself for being open to thinking differently and taking even one new action as a result of this exercise.

To more wealth and opportunities,