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Ep. 77 The Tools You Need to Elevate Your Life and Keep a Balance



Michael Kohan wakes up each morning with a simple purpose: to help others rediscover their powerful inner strengths and give clients and students the tools they need to make more meaningful decisions, to Aim Higher and Elevate Their Life.

Michael is an I.C.F Certified Life Coach who In 2015 founded The Elevate Life Project, an online community for people to re-discover their true selves and gain the skills they need to move forward and find lasting success. He is the host of the Elevate Life Project Podcast, a show dedicated to helping listeners develop a positive mindset, a rejuvenated outlook for themselves and their future, rediscovering that they are spiritual beings – and any dream a person wants in life is possible.

Michael is dedicated to helping his clients and students find balance in all aspects of their lives—emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical well-being. He feels his purpose is to serve others through his teaching by encouraging students and clients to become steadfast in their practices while integrating spiritual and mindful living into their day-to-day lives, to achieve their goals, live their dreams, and achieve the impossible.

We talked about career transition to a more meaningful life, the difference between Habits and Goals and how they shape our lives, money mindset and money practices to address many of the challenges people have in their financial lives that affect all the other parts of their lives, as well as how to keep money from limiting you and throwing off your balance.

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