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Ep. 71 Letting Go To Embrace The New

Ep. 71 Letting Go To Embrace The New



Are you getting ready to set goals and plan for 2023? It’s that time of year when we think about moving forward into a new year. Stop!! Don’t plan yet. Listen to this show before you do any planning. 

Unless you’ve taken some time to reflect on this past year and remember all the achievements you had, big or small, as well as the missteps, you aren’t ready. We overlook this step and it’s unfortunate, because we move on, having forgotten all the victories we had that we should celebrate. 

We learn so much from looking back, including what needs to be different next year. 5 things to let go of or reflect on, so you can move into a great new year are:

1. Preconceived ideas
2. Time and energy wasters
3. Clutter (physical space, digital space and activities)
4. Current schedule and routine 
5. Saboteurs 

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