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EP 65. Health and Wealth Go Hand in Hand – Making Work Sexy with Ramell Taylor

EP 65. Health and Wealth Go Hand in Hand – Making Work Sexy with Ramell Taylor



Working on your wealth while sacrificing your health will not lead to a “Limit Free Life.” Women especially, might be taking care of people (not themselves) and responsibilities while their health suffers. What then happens to their ability to generate wealth and build that great relationship with money? In today’s show, we look at how professional athletes think, train and stay in top shape. We’ll learn how we can apply those principles to our lives, careers and businesses to build financial stability and freedom while ensuring that we’ll be mentally and physically healthy enough to enjoy it.


Ramell is a former pro basketball player who transferred into fitness coaching because of the passion he has to educate women on how to properly take care of themselves while managing successful careers and families.

He believes that because women are selfless by nature, they need constant reminders to show up for themselves as well. Ramell hosts regular workshops entitled: “How to be selfish & get the body you want.” He teaches the importance of routines based on his 4 pillars. Listen in to learn more.

The best investment you can make for your career, family and finances is to improve your health and happiness.

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