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EP. 58 Overcoming Obstacles in Landing Your First Job

EP. 58 Overcoming Obstacles in Landing Your First Job


I hear a lot of stories from parents about the struggles their children go through in their initial job search. There are many concerns young people have in their quest for a first job.
They feel that a position might not be a good (right ) first step in their career path. That career path is still undefined though and it will develop as they try things, so taking a job may be a better choice than waiting for a more “perfect” job for a career path they think they can plan out.

They often feel like they don’t have the skills for many of the jobs they see and of course, they don’t have many skills when they don’t have work experience yet, so trying something and learning on the job might be important.

These same concerns come up for older people too, so this show is good for anyone looking for a new job, new or not. Listen in and pick up a couple tips that will help you wherever you are and see if you can shift some of your mindset around finding a new job.

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