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Ep. 114 Fresh Start Finance: Navigating Your Financial Goals in the New Year


In this podcast episode, Michelle Perkins discusses the importance of reflecting on one’s relationship with money and creating a budget (spending plan) for the new year. She encourages listeners to break down their expenses into smaller increments to gain a better understanding of their financial situation. Emphasizing the need to assess past expenses and identify areas where expenses can be reduced or adjusted, to align with financial goals. The episode targets individuals who are looking to organize their finances and set financial goals for the new year. It provides practical advice and insights on budgeting and managing personal finances, offering listeners a framework to improve their relationship with money and work towards financial success.

Michelle also discusses various financial goals and strategies for the year. She emphasizes the importance of having an emergency fund for financial security in case of unexpected events. Michelle advises listeners to consider other savings goals, develop a strategy for managing and reducing debt, and prioritize retirement savings. She urges young listeners to start saving early to benefit from compounding interest and suggests setting up automatic deposits into a worthwhile investment. Michelle concludes by offering her assistance and inviting listeners to contact her for personalized financial advice.

This episode aims to help individuals gain control of their finances, make intentional choices, and work towards financial stability and future aspirations.

00:02 – Reflecting on your relationship

06:47 – Understanding your numbers

19:10 – Setting financial goals

What is the “Money and You” podcast about?

The Money and You podcast is about breaking down your relationship with money, offering money tips & practices that bring increased wealth.

Why is it important to reflect on your relationship with money?

Reflecting on your relationship with money is important because it allows you to understand your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors around money. It helps you identify any barriers to success and make improvements.

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