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Ep. 111 Navigating To Financial Freedom Through Smart Trading


Jason Brown, stock market coach, was a special guest on today’s show. He’s created financial freedom from very little capital and very early in life. He teaches what he’s learned and does it in a way to make it accessible to everyone willing to learn and integrate the knowledge into action.

He speaks compellingly about stock trading and options, in a way people can understand. He’s making complicated financial trading strategies easier to understand so more people can use these techniques to build wealth.

He shares the emotional side of money (check out his podcast – “Money, Markets and Mindset” – I loved episode #135)

and teaches how to do an emotional analysis to help you in your financial life.

As a stock market coach, he claims that stock trading strategies are for everyone, and how you implement them depends on you and your lifestyle. He goes on to explain, in plain language, how to start, stay in the game and protect yourself from serious losses that he also experienced.

Some show highlights:

10:14 If it works for others, it can work for you!

15:14 Profits – Range vs. Perfection

31:33 We are all participating in the stock market already, so why not build wealth from it

31:56 Difference between investing and trading

33:25 What are call and put options? Just because you don’t own a stock, you can take advantage of appreciation and how to make money when a stock is dropping.

39:15 Why not go to a financial planner?

42:45 Why stock trading doesn’t require a high risk tolerance

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