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Ep. 109 Franchising as a way to escape the 9 to 5 & live life on your terms


Have you ever wondered about Franchising? Faizun Kamal is an expert in the franchise world and she shares so much knowledge on today’s show.

She tells her story of career transition from corporate to entrepreneur in the unique space of franchise businesses.

Her company, The Franchise Pros, delivers a range of services, including (12:50):

1. Helping people find the right franchise opportunity (listen in to find out how she helps with this type of “matchmaking”.)

2. Working with business owners to turn their businesses into national franchise brands.

3. Finding and acquiring businesses that they then optimize to turn into national brands.

4. Working with established and emerging franchise brands and helping them grow in various ways to create the footprint of their brand.

Have you gone back and forth about the kind of entrepreneur you’d like to be?  Listen as Faizun describes franchising as “entrepreneur light.” (16:45)

(27:13) Do you have to own multiple franchises to make money?

What kinds of franchise myths are out there?

How to “stack” franchising opportunities and other ways to maximize profits?

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