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Ep. 105 Show Her The Money – The Story That Has Never Been Told



There’s so much we don’t know! Even financial experts are surprised to hear that women receive only 2% of the Venture Capital funding out there. That means 98% of the available financing is helping men develop and deliver their ideas and inventions. Yet, women have invented some of our most used items (like the refrigerator).

VC funding is a mystery to most – what it is, how it works and who receives it. Catherine Gray produced (since being on my podcast over 2 years ago) a new documentary called “Show Her the Money” and it’s excellent.

VC funding is explained so we can all understand it. She showcases visionary entrepreneurs who have boot-strapped their companies into success stories and the wealthy women who funded them.

“Show Her the Money” is inspiring and it reminds us that money is power and women need it to achieve true equality and to help us all by bringing important ideas to the marketplace to enhance our lives.

Check out the many ways Catherine Gray is helping women by going to

and by listening to her podcast: “Invest in Her”

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