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Episode 129: The Intersection of Psychology and Money – It’s Complicated



This podcast featured Dr. Greg Cason, host of the “Off The Couch” podcast, and his producer Brian Gomez, joining the Money and You Show to talk about money and psychology. As a guest expert specializing in cognitive behavioral therapy, they discussed the psychology behind one’s money mindset, how past experiences and upbringing shape beliefs about money, and the impact of the environment on financial decisions. 

The conversation highlighted the importance of understanding one’s relationship with money and how it influences life choices. The speakers emphasized the need for radical acceptance of oneself and the idea that money is not just a linear trajectory but influenced by many factors. They also touched on the significance of research studies in understanding financial behaviors. The podcast provided insights into the emotional and psychological aspects of money management, offering a deeper understanding of personal finance.

00:00 – Psychology of money exploration 

05:31 – Acceptance and financial planning 

20:11 – Influences on money beliefs 

26:42 – Money as relationship dynamics 

43:43 – Impact of environment on finances 


– They delve into the emotional aspects of our relationship with money and how it is influenced by psychology.

– The role of cognitive behavioral therapy in understanding money mindset.

– How past experiences and upbringing shape our beliefs about money.

– The impact of the environment on our financial decisions and values.

– The importance of mindset in achieving financial goals.

– The significance of following intuitive inner knowings in financial decision-making.

– It’s essential to have a positive mindset and accept oneself in order to navigate financial challenges effectively.

– Following intuitive inner knowings can lead to positive outcomes in financial decision-making.

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