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Episode 127: Motivators, Metrics, and Money



This solo podcast addresses motivations and metrics around money. The importance of identifying personal motivators beyond just money, tracking metrics to make better financial decisions, and taking time each week to feel confident and in control of money were emphasized. Michelle touched on the psychological and emotional aspects of money management and the need to find what truly motivates each unique individual. The significance of tracking progress, similar to how students track grades in school, to make improvements and achieve financial goals. The podcast aimed to provide guidance on creating money metrics that are regularly checked and emphasized the importance of taking control of one’s financial well-being.


What is the importance of improving one’s relationship with money?

Improving one’s relationship with money involves gaining control over finances and seeing oneself as a leader in financial decisions.

How can understanding motivators help in managing money better?

Understanding motivators can help individuals identify what truly drives them to take action towards financial goals, beyond just the desire for money itself.

Why are metrics important in tracking financial progress?

Metrics are important in tracking financial progress as they help individuals identify areas for improvement, make better decisions, and feel confident and in control of their money.

How can tracking metrics in money management be compared to tracking grades in school?

Tracking metrics in money management is similar to tracking grades in school, as it allows individuals to monitor progress, make adjustments, and strive for improvement.

What is the significance of setting up systems and following metrics in financial management?

Setting up systems and following metrics in financial management can be game changers, helping individuals make better decisions so they can achieve the financial freedom they desire.

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