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Episode 125: Five Money Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid


Mistakes have been the key way we learn about money since we aren’t well-educated on the topic. They serve a valuable purpose, the bad ones, we never make again, hopefully. This show outlines 5 big mistakes that you can easily avoid.

This solo show highlighted the significance of being intentional with money, avoiding money avoidance, and understanding one’s beliefs and emotions around finances to get you closer to financial freedom. The podcast focused on the impact of understanding oneself in relation to money and the benefits of addressing financial issues proactively. The podcast provided insights into common mistakes people make with money and offered strategies for improving financial well-being.

Summary of tips from the podcast:

One common mistake is waiting to try to understand oneself with money.

Don’t be avoidant –  look at, speak about, collaborate, and address financial matters.

Understanding yourself with money leads to positive changes and better financial decisions.

Engaging with financial experts is seen as an investment (not an expense) in one’s financial future and can lead to better returns.

Feelings are the more important factors in making financial decisions, and understanding one’s feelings about money is crucial to financial decision-making.

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