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Ep. 98 Wealth Wisdom From Mom


Did your mom or dad ever teach you about money? Unfortunately, if they didn’t, you probably had to get your money information off the street – from friends, mentors, or money pros who were writing and talking about it. We really should be taught the basics in school given that we are all required to use money once we get out of school. Seems like a pretty important life skill, right?
Because we aren’t taught in any formal way, your money education might have come pretty late into your life or not at all. Even if mom or dad did teach you, they may have not been that knowledgeable themselves or had their own beliefs and biases that were shared and influenced you.
In this show, I share some of what I picked up from my parents, mostly mom and how it influenced me. This may help you to discover ways you can parent around money as well as opening your eyes to things your parents may have shared that influenced you. It’s a good opportunity to reflect back so you can go forward in the way you want most, vs. how you are conditioned.
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