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Ep. 85 Sustainable Investments with Dale Wannen


Sustainable investing – does that align with your values? And, can you still have a high performing portfolio in this way? In his book, “Don’t Feed the Clowns: Sustainable Investing for Everyday Life,” veteran financial advisor Dale Wannen proves that it is indeed possible to make money while helping to save the Earth—and enjoy doing both. 
Dale shared entertaining and valuable stories and tips that will open your eyes to investing possibilities that can enhance your relationship with money and make you feel great about investing.
His humorous, jargon-free, easy-to-understand writing will keep readers intrigued and is sure to change more than a few minds.  
Dale Wannen has more than 20 years of experience in wealth management and financial services.  
In 2013, he founded Sustainvest Asset Management LLC, an investment advisory firm focused on sustainable investing. Today, he advises his clients on ESG, sustainable investing, and shareholder advocacy, and runs seminars on these topics at schools and corporations. Throughout the book, Wannen shares colorful personal stories from his years in the investment industry that will keep readers laughing, even as they learn solid investment strategies that will help them implement his practical advice around sustainable investing. He uses light-hearted chapter titles such as “Hippies and Cowboys Hug it Out” and “Investing is Just Like Sex” and exposes the hidden truths in an industry often cloaked by smoke and mirrors. As far from a dry financial advice book as it’s possible to get, “Don’t Feed the Clowns: Sustainable Investing for Everyday Life” is a perfect read for the beginning investor as well as someone with years of market experience. Anyone considering sustainable investing will enjoy this book, as well as gain solid investment advice. He never tries to “sell” the reader, he simply nudges them toward investing with an eco-conscious mindset.

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