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Ep. 82 Strategies for Stock Compensation with Joe Forish, CFA, CFP®



Do you have stock as part of your compensation package? Do you know what to do with it?

Joe Forish started Fortrove Partners to help tech founders and tech employees with stock ownershiprelieve stress, uncertainty, and time spent around finances.

Stock compensation can be extremely complicated, and you don’t  have time to figure it out. He works with people who have stock compensation and may not know all the ins and outs about it. Joe collaborates with clients to build confidence, to minimize your tax obligations, and build the lifestyle that you want.

He will help you with:

1. Not throwing money away

2. Reduce your anxiety about money

3.Selling options and RSUs at the wrong time

The list of acronyms for stock compensation is endless: ESPPs, ISOs, and RSUs. Fortrove helps you handle your stock compensation, employee benefits, and overall financial strategy.

From a young age, Joe Forish, CFA, CFP® learned about maximizing hard work and doing what you do best while working at his father’s auto shop. He also saw first-hand both the rewards and challenges of running a business.

Professionally, Joe honed his financial expertise investing in public and private equity.

Completing the Harvard Business Analytics Program, with Distinction, has taken his B.S. (from Penn State University) to a whole new level!

Areas of expertise:

1. Financial plans for client-specific goals

2. Investment management and portfolio management

3. Custom financial coaching

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