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Ep. 79 Organize to Activate Your Financial Life


How well do you know your numbers and can you easily find your financial information? While this doesn’t feel like high finance, it’s truly the basis for building wealth, abundance and a great relationship with money. Without these fundamentals, you will have trouble making bigger and more exciting money moves. Today, we talk with Judy Heft, the founder and president of Judith Heft & Associates celebrating over 27 years of helping high net-worth individuals and small businesses with bookkeeping and bill pay. She is an author, financial organizer, bookkeeper, and much more. In her role as a professional and personal financial organizer, Judy combines her talents and experience in organization and financial assistance. Recognizing the unique needs of each of her clients, Judy steps in with customized organization services, including bill paying, financial record keeping, tracking of expenses and contributions, and related correspondence with banks, vendors, insurance companies and healthcare providers. She is the host of the podcast “Mastering Your Financial Life,” in which she interviews professionals who also help others successfully manage their financial lives. Her books, “How to Be Smart, Successful and Organized, For a Better Today and Tomorrow,“ and “Mastering Your Financial Lifecycles: How to Successfully Manage Money in Every Decade of Life,” are available on Amazon. Where to find Judy:EMAIL: LINKEDIN: PODCAST: For much more on ALL things money mindset, money management, how to earn a great living and love what you do… make sure you’re listening and subscribed to my weekly podcast, Money and You:

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