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Ep. 78 Leaving A Business Legacy with Paul Dio


“What’s after your business or career and how will you fund your ability to seek out your dreams, contributions and leave a legacy?? Paul Dio understands how people’s relationship with money impacts their ability to leave a legacy they care about. He explains how people make decisions and overcome money obstacles in a variety of wealth tiers. He provides fascinating insights into the stories people tell themselves when it comes to wealth.  Listen in to a peer packed episode that teaches so much about money without mentioning numbers! Wealth Advisor at Innovative Advisory Group Paul brings over two decades of strategic and financial leadership to his team through innovation, collaboration and technology. Paul’s clients are business owners who need a fresh perspective on strategic thinking, leadership and change management. Paul’s team of advisors work to provide risk analysis not from just a numbers perspective but also from a business and life perspective. As an avid reader and continual learner, Paul’s unique skill of listening for what is not being heard and asking the question that hasn’t been asked has helped propel his clients to more clarity in their life in addition providing financial oversight and guidance for his clients. Addicted to improvement not only in his professional craft but in all areas of his life you might find him working on his mountain biking skills, his approach to parenting, fitness and mindfulness. Paul’s constant need for improvement is fueled by the ability to develop leadership for his family, his clients and to those he cares for. linkedin: IG: @busineslegacypodcast Website:

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