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Ep. 69 Entrepreneurship in Uncertain Times with Lori Williams

Ep. 69 Entrepreneurship in Uncertain Times with Lori Williams



Lori Williams transitioned from a high level business and finance career to teaching small business owners how to successfully run their businesses, so they make the money they want to make without deluding themselves in any way. We look at the wrong success metrics (revenue being a big one).

Lori explains finance, especially what is most important to analyze and guide your business by, in a way that actually gets you excited to do financial analysis, and in a way that is understandable like no one else. Her company “Business Simply Put” is aptly named because of her knack for explaining simply the intricacies of your numbers and how you really know if your business is doing well. Listen in for a great show. You can find Lori at:

She is a wealth of business knowledge and a key educator in the Small Business Development Centers in Los Angeles. Her lifestyle is limit free as well and you will need to listen to the show to find out how!

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