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EP 59 Creating Wealthy Women

EP 59 Creating Wealthy Women


Are you a wealthy woman? Or, would you like to be?

Carrie Murray is creating and hosting the Wealthy Women Summit on a yacht that will help you feel abundant while learning more about a variety of money topics. Women learning and talking about money is the path to financial success.

You can learn by listening to this show with Carrie right now!

Carrie Murray is a speaker, podcast host, and the Founder of BRA (Business Relationship Alliance), a network of powerful female entrepreneurs devoted to advancing women-owned businesses by providing the community, collaboration, empowerment, and support needed to flourish as an entrepreneur. Murray earned her Bachelor’s in Social Work and her Master’s in Social Justice. After becoming a court advocate, she helped victims understand their rights and navigate the judicial system. She later became a teacher, an administrator, and a principal. In 2011, she started Prestique Academy, a school for twice-exceptional kids. She resides in Los Angeles with her family.

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