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Ep. 50 Freedom and Peace of Mind from IRS Issues with Kedra Flowers

Listen to “Ep. 50 Freedom and Peace of Mind from IRS Issues with Kedra Flowers” on Spreaker.


Have you ever been in IRS fear? That’s a place no one wants to be. Fortunately, Kedra Flowers’ has seen it all when it comes to IRS problems and she has been working through the issues with clients successfully since 1996.

She is a serial entrepreneur committed to contributing positive energy and guidance to the world by leaving a positive imprint on everyone she touches. Kedra has provided professional guidance as a CPA and Power of Attorney for taxpayers dealing with IRS issues. With continued growth, her corporate structure has changed but her commitment to cultivating relationships and guiding clients to freedom and peace of mind has not.

Listen in for some of the ways she has helped clients reduce and eliminate their tax dilemmas as well as how to avoid them altogether.

She has been featured regularly as a tax subject matter expert on NBC 5 News DFW and has contributed content to minority-owned legacy newspaper publications including The North Dallas Gazette and The Dallas Examiner.