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Ep. 26 Thought Confidence and Becoming an Empowered Decision Maker

Listen to “Ep. 26 Thought Confidence and Becoming an Empowered Decision Maker” on Spreaker.


Become a more empowered decision maker – learn the 4 step process for creating thought confidence. My guest Sammi Sadicario and I discuss how to step into a New Identity with language, stories, and Thought Confidence. Sammi Sadicario guides trauma survivors to write their stories and forgive themselves so they can breathe more easily, feel lighter, and live happier. Before her obsession with all things self-development, self-love, storywork, and mindset, she was on track to a career in the entertainment industry. She spent her days auditioning for Broadway, writing shows, and producing short films. After years of seeking external validation in work and relationships, high stress, low immunity, and constant injury, she found her true passion for healthy mindset and life coaching. Now when she’s not coaching her fabulous clients to a strong sense of self-worth and flourishing identity, she can be found rock climbing and camping outside throughout the PNW in her Honda Element.