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Ep. 137: How To Invest Like An American Dynasty: Hilton Wealth Strategies


The podcast featured Mark Miller, a financial expert with over 30 years of experience, discussing strategies used by the ultra wealthy to grow and protect their wealth. Mark shares insights on how the wealthy strategize and build their wealth, offering valuable tips for listeners to implement in their own financial planning.

The conversation focused on advanced wealth-building strategies, tax planning, and investment opportunities typically accessible to high-net-worth individuals. Mark emphasized the importance of tax mitigation strategies and how they can significantly impact an individual’s financial success. He also highlighted the value of business planning and how reducing taxes can actually increase the value of a business. Mark and his partner, Brad Hilton, recently released a book titled “Hilton Wealth: How to Invest Like an American Dynasty,” which delves into the wealth-building techniques employed by the Hilton family. The podcast aimed to educate listeners on how they can apply similar strategies to improve their financial situation and achieve long-term success. Mark Miller is a partner at Hilton Tax And Wealth Advisors, a company focused on bringing institutional-based wealth strategies to Main Street investors.

00:03 – Unlocking wealth building strategies

05:41 – Accessing smart money investments

19:58 – Maximizing tax mitigation strategies

29:01 – Boosting business value through taxes

37:13 – Inspiring financial hope and wisdom

Key Takeaways:

– How the wealthiest individuals prioritize tax planning in their financial decisions.

– The impact of tax strategies on business revenue and value.

– Wealthy individuals prioritize tax planning and use advanced strategies to minimize taxes and maximize revenue.

– Implementing tax mitigation strategies can increase cash flow and boost the value of a business.

– Mark’s new book, “Hilton Wealth,” offers insights into how the Hiltons have built and maintained their wealth over generations.

To learn more about Mark Miller and his services, listeners can reach out to Hilton Tax And Wealth Advisors for a complimentary copy of “Hilton Wealth.”

Contact information for consultations and further discussions on tax and investment strategies can be found on their website:

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