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Ep. 136: Wealth Wisdom: Overcoming the Mental Blocks to Financial Success


The podcast is a solo show where Michelle talks about changing your money mindset and the importance of focusing on positive money thoughts. She emphasized the need to be curious about one’s relationship with money and to avoid judgment and shame.

In this episode of “Money & You,” host Michelle Perkins discusses how to overcome mental blocks to achieve financial success. She delves into the importance of mindset, vision, purpose, faith, and gratitude in shaping one’s relationship with money.

Main Topics Discussed:

– Importance of being aware of negative money thoughts and shifting focus to what you want

– The role of vision, purpose, faith, and gratitude in achieving financial goals

– Avoiding getting tangled up in the “how” of achieving your vision and allowing solutions to flow naturally

– The value of seeking mentorship and collaborating with others to overcome mental blocks

**Key Takeaways:**

– Focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want when it comes to money

– Work on developing a clear vision, understanding your purpose, having faith, and practicing gratitude in your financial journey

– Avoid getting paralyzed by the “how” of achieving your goals and trust that solutions will present themselves

-Negative money thoughts impact your physical as well as mental health

– Strategies for overcoming mental blocks and allowing financial abundance to flow naturally are discussed

Overall, the discussion underscored the significance of mindset and relationship with money in achieving financial goals.

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