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Ep. 134 Budgeting for fun: How to spend money wisely on travel


This solo podcast discussed the importance of having a healthy relationship with money, particularly in the context of planning and budgeting for vacations. Tips were shared on how to financially plan for trips, including setting a travel budget, researching free attractions, using travel apps for deals, and packing light. Michelle highlighted the value of incorporating both big and small vacations into yearly budgets to ensure a balance between work and leisure. She also stressed the importance of allowing oneself to use saved money for enjoyable experiences like vacations, as part of maintaining a positive relationship with money. Overall, the discussion aimed to help listeners navigate their financial decisions regarding travel and find ways to make vacations financially aligned with their lifestyle.

00:00 – Money and life relationship

06:20 – Financially aligned travel planning

18:29 – Budgeting for vacation getaways

25:25 – Balancing saving and spending

What is the importance of having a good relationship with money according to the podcast?

Having a good relationship with money is crucial for building a successful business, changing careers, and making decisions in life.

Why does the podcast focus on discussing travel and money?

The podcast discusses travel and money because vacations trigger emotions related to money decisions, such as whether to save or spend on travel.

In this episode of “Money & You with Michelle Perkins”, the host discusses the importance of budgeting for travel and how to spend money wisely on vacations. The conversation delves into the emotional aspects of travel expenses, the impact of vacations on personal finances, and practical tips for saving money while still enjoying travel experiences.

Main Topics Discussed:

– Importance of having a good relationship with money

– Emotional aspects of travel expenses

– Planning and saving for vacations

– Budgeting for travel within your financial plan

– Tips for saving money on travel expenses

– Balancing saving and spending on vacations

– Using money for enriching experiences like travel

**Key Takeaways:**

– Travel triggers emotions related to money, and it is important to have a healthy relationship with finances.

– Planning and saving for vacations early in the year can help align travel expenses with your budget.

– Utilizing apps, packing light, and taking advantage of free attractions can help save money on travel.

– Setting aside a specific budget for travel and allowing yourself to use that money for enriching experiences is essential.

– Balancing saving and spending on vacations is a key aspect of maintaining a good relationship with money.

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