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Ep. 133 Thinking Like a Money Master


In this episode of “Money & You,” host Michelle Perkins dives into a deep conversation with guest Damien Lupo, an experienced entrepreneur and investor with a background in real estate and disruptive concepts in the housing industry. They talk about mastering your mindset around money, discussing personal growth, coming back from monumental setbacks, impact, real estate, and disruptive concepts in the housing industry. Damien shared his journey of shifting his focus from making money to serving others, which ultimately led to greater financial success after losing it all. Damien shared his current venture, a disruptive housing construction concept called “FrameTec,” aimed at reducing waste, creating sustainability and solving the housing crisis. The importance of learning from mistakes, understanding one’s relationship with money, and focusing on serving others to achieve financial success were key themes. Damien emphasized the need to clarify one’s perspective on money and highlighted the importance of personal growth and serving others in achieving financial abundance. The conversation provided valuable insights on financial mindset, investing, and creating impact. The podcast is available on all platforms, and Damien’s many books offer further insights based on his personal experiences.

00:01 – Money as a mission

06:30 – Revolutionizing housing construction

12:48 – Learning from mistakes

24:13 – Navigating financial challenges

31:28 – Money management insights

39:24 – Money as a resource

46:24 – Serving for financial success

55:41 – Author’s insightful publications

Damien realized that focusing on a mission that serves others leads to financial success, rather than just chasing money for its own sake. Damien believes that experiencing failures and mistakes is crucial for becoming an efficient and successful investor or business owner.

Damien sees money as a reflection of the good he does and a tool to create impact, rather than just a means to accumulate wealth. He is currently creating impact with FrameTec, which is using technology to build houses in a manufacturing plant, reducing waste by 99% compared to traditional methods.

Key Takeaways:

– Shifting mindset from self-centered to serving others

– Impact of focusing on mission and serving others on financial success

– Introduction to FrameTec and its innovative approach to reducing waste in housing construction

– Importance of knowing and understanding your numbers in investing and business

– Learning from mistakes and experiences to become a successful investor

– Viewing money as a resource and tool for creating impact

– The relationship between money and personal growth

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