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Ep. 132: Living Well leads to Financial Well Being


The podcast featured Michelle Perkins and Marnie Dachis Marmet, “Zenful Life Coaching” founder and health coach, discussing the importance of your relationship between money and overall well-being. They emphasized the emotional aspects of money, its impact on physical and mental health. The conversation touched on topics such as gratitude, mindset shifts, personal issues with money and food, and general stress relievers. They highlighted the significance of being conscious of thoughts, exploring different modalities for stress relief, and setting a strong financial foundation. The discussion emphasized the holistic approach to health and wealth, with a focus on personalized guidance and self-discovery. The podcast aims to help listeners improve their financial practices and achieve financial well-being. The episode provided valuable insights and practical tips for enhancing one’s relationship with money and overall health, which go together holistically.


00:05 – Money relationship matters most

06:01 – Gratitude and wellness connection

15:44 – Personalized health and money coaching

21:42 – Vision and mindset transformation

26:55 – Exploring stress relief techniques

32:56 – Self-care for financial wellbeing

What are some stress relievers mentioned in the podcast?

Some stress relievers mentioned include spending time with a pet, relaxing muscles in the body, deep breathing, and taking time for self-care to improve overall well-being.

The podcast emphasizes the importance of understanding personal relationships with money and health, offering personalized guidance to help individuals uncover and address their unique challenges and goals.

The podcast highlights the practice of gratitude as a powerful tool for shifting mindset, promoting positivity, and creating a vision for personal growth and success in both financial and health-related goals.

Key Takeaways:

– Money and health are interconnected, impacting overall wellbeing

– A personalized approach is essential for achieving health and financial goals

– Mindset plays a crucial role in success in both health and finances

– Stress relievers and self-care practices are important for overall well being

– Exploring different modalities can help in achieving health and wellness goals

– Encouragement to practice self-care and prioritize overall wellbeing for financial success

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