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Ep. 123: Hiding In Plain Sight: The Right Job and Candidates


How do we live a more Limit Free Life ® ? A great relationship with money is key, and how we earn money, whether through a job or our own business, is an essential part. This episode provides valuable insights into the job market, sales proficiency in business, and strategies for both candidates and employers to navigate the challenges and achieve success in their careers and financial goals.

The podcast featured Michelle and guest Kathy Hammond.  Kathy, an award-winning author and international speaker, known for her revolutionary recruitment system, “Predictable Profits” discusses career transitions, business, and money. They talked about the importance of sales in business, the challenges in hiring the right salespeople, and the need for proactive career management. The conversation emphasized the significance of continuously improving skills and staying prepared for changes in the job market.

Kathy shared insights on her recruitment system, Predictable Profits, which helps companies find high-performing sales professionals. The discussion highlighted the importance of standing out in job searches, being proactive in career development, and delivering value to employers. Overall, the podcast provided valuable advice for job seekers, hiring managers, and entrepreneurs on navigating the ever-changing landscape of the job market and business world. The podcast is highly relevant for individuals looking to enhance their career prospects and financial well being.

00:00 – Revolutionizing recruitment for success

07:50 – Mastering the art of sales

16:00 – Screening for sales excellence

23:24 – Crafting effective resumes and profiles

29:48 – Standing out on Linkedin

36:35 – Proactive career management strategies

46:56 – Gratitude and call to action

Key Points:

  • The significance of sales in business and the need for skilled sales professionals. Only 20% of people in sales are currently selling the right thing and know how to sell.
  • The challenges in the job market, including turnover rates and the mismatch between job description requirements and actual skills.
  • The importance of proactive career management for individuals and the impact of complacency.
  • Strategies for candidates to stand out in the job market, including optimizing LinkedIn profiles and networking effectively. Avoid regurgitating job descriptions on LinkedIn and resumes, and to focus on showcasing their capabilities and successes.
  • How employers can more readily identify the right candidates and create successful recruitment processes.

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