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Ep. 120 Living Free Financially


Michelle Perkins interviews Dean Inniss, a successful entrepreneur and financial strategist, discuss living financially free through discipline, mindset, and proactive strategies. Dean shares his personal journey of witnessing his father’s lack of financial planning, which motivated him to start planning early for his own financial future.

The podcast aims to educate and inspire listeners to improve their relationship with money and achieve financial independence.

 He emphasizes the importance of participating in a 401k and becoming debt-free. Dean also talks about investing in assets like dividend stocks and real estate notes.The conversation highlights the power of starting small and making consistent financial decisions over time.

They emphasize:

  • The need for discipline and making small changes to achieve financial goals
  •  Setting goals and being consistent in financial habits
  •  The importance of financial education, discipline, and goal-setting in achieving financial success

What is the average amount that most Americans spend on lunch and coffee per week? Most Americans spend 50 to $60 a week on lunch and coffee. What if they took that money and started saving it in a 401k? They would be millionaires by the time they were 65.

Dean and Michelle talk about the need to connect disliked tasks with desired outcomes, and highlight the importance of alignment, simplicity, and foresight in business success. Dean offers advice on managing time and discipline while running a business and encourages listeners to start making small changes and celebrate progress. He also provides advice on finding part-time work and implementing financial strategies for retirees.

Overall, the podcast provides practical advice and strategies for individuals to take control of their finances and work towards a financially free life.

00:00 – Money relationship matters: Introduction

06:19 – Financial journey: From recession to success

13:24 – Building wealth: Tips and strategies

22:15 – Overcoming financial setbacks: Discipline

28:30 – Mastering discipline for success

38:47 – Business success: Simplicity and foresight

44:08 – Achieving success: Mindset and strategies

49:24 – Inspiration and celebration: Conclusion

Key Takeaways:

  • Start early, stay disciplined, and connect actions to results for financial success
  • Small steps and the right mindset can lead to significant changes at any age
  • It’s never too late to make positive financial changes and see results
  • Celebrate successes and learn from failures to continue growing and improving

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