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Ep. 119 “Just Retire Already!”


What is the biggest misconception about retirement?

The biggest misconception is that people think they need a specific dollar amount to retire, like a million dollars, when in reality it’s more about designing a retirement lifestyle and matching it with the available funds.

Derek Mozzarella, a certified financial planner and author of his book titled “Just Retire Already” joined Michelle to have a candid and insightful conversation about retirement planning, everything from when to retire, understanding social security, and building wealth. Derek discusses and emphasizes the need to plan for retirement and financial freedom. He explains how retirement has evolved over the years and how it no longer follows a traditional model.

While social security, medicare and other aspects of retirement may be misunderstood, we get into all the details that you’ll want to know before you make decisions about retiring. We talked about working at whatever you like in your retirement years and being financially free enough to make the choices you want to make!

This episode:

 Provides valuable information and tips for listeners to feel more confident and prepared for retirement.

Emphasizes the importance of learning about finances and building a positive relationship with money.

Aims to continue bringing informative episodes and guests to help listeners enhance their financial knowledge and enjoy their money throughout their lives and into retirement.

00:00 – Retirement planning and financial readiness

06:48 – Maximizing social security benefits

13:13 – Understanding money baggage and goals

19:60 – Challenges of long-term care

27:53 – Tax strategies for retirement

36:06 – Investing tips and takeaways to create financial freedom

Key Takeaways:

Start retirement planning early to save and invest consistently.

Social Security should be carefully considered, and strategies for maximizing benefits should be explored.

Open communication and shared financial goals are crucial for couples to manage their finances effectively.

Long-term care planning to avoid financial burdens and ensure a secure retirement.

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