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Ep. 116 Navigating Tricky Financial Dialogues


In a solo show about “Money Conversations,” host Michelle Perkins emphasizes the importance of productive discussions about money. She advises listeners to understand their own emotions and fears before engaging in these conversations, so it can be productive and not combative.

Having hard conversations and reaching agreements is crucial in your financial life. She highlights that money conversations can occur in various contexts, such as with partners, family members, or business associates, and improving these conversations can lead to better outcomes and relationships. The podcast provides practical advice for individuals seeking more effective and positive discussions about money.

Michelle mentioned a previous episode (ep. 112) with Wendy Wright, a financial therapist, who discussed the importance of productive self-reflection and self talk about money.

The importance of the topic lies in the fact that money conversations are crucial for financial well-being, and having productive discussions can lead to better outcomes and healthier relationships with money.

Key Takeaways:

– Money conversations should be productive and result in action, not frustration.

– Being aware of emotions and beliefs can improve money conversations.

– Conversations with oneself about money are also important and should be productive.

– Managing conversations around money is crucial for overall money management and a better relationship with money.

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