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Ep. 115 Gaining A Financial Edge with Smart “Revesting”


In this episode, Michelle Perkins interviews Chris Vermuelen, the founder of TechnicalTraders.Com, about his alternative investment style called asset “revesting.” Chris shares his expertise in using technical analysis and risk management to achieve higher returns and lower drawdowns in the stock market. He emphasizes the importance of controlling emotions and understanding market trends to make informed investment decisions.

Chris has been involved in trading and investing for 26 years and has explored various styles, including options, futures, swing trading, day trading, and scalping. He has devised his own technique of participating in the market highs and staying out of market downturns to optimize your investing experience and results.

In the podcast, Chris highlights the emotional nature of the stock market and how it can affect investors’ decision-making. By controlling emotions, investors can achieve clarity and freedom in their investment strategies. He also explains asset “revesting” as a strategy that focuses on identifying strong trends in the stock market. 

Chris discusses the use of technical analysis and indicators in his investment approach. By understanding the layers of the stock market and how different factors interplay, investors can make more informed decisions.

Chris addresses the misconception of diversification by highlighting that the stock market is one asset class. He suggests diversifying by focusing on assets with strong trends rather than spreading investments across various stocks or sector ETFs. He also emphasizes the importance of pursuing multiple passions and leveraging opportunities to make money.

Key Takeaways:

  • Emotional control is crucial in investing, and understanding one’s personality can help manage emotions effectively.
  • Asset “revesting” focuses on identifying strong trends in the stock market and profiting from them while avoiding the “buy and hold” pitfalls.
  • Technical analysis and indicators can provide valuable insights into market movements and asset performance.
  • Diversification should be based on assets with strong trends rather than spreading investments across different stocks or sectors.
  • Pursuing multiple passions and leveraging opportunities can lead to a fulfilling and financially rewarding life.

00:05 – Introduction to asset “revesting”

07:17 – Managing emotions in trading

20:52 – Understanding market trends

29:49 – The importance of diversification

38:60 – Finding passion in financial success

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