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Ep. 108 Demystifying The 401K For Your Business


Returning guest Kurt Altrichter joined me to talk about 401k’s, HSA’s and other ways to have a dignified retirement.  It was even more interesting than I’d hoped. I love having Kurt Altrichter, President of Ivory Hill, an investment advisory firm in Minnesota, on the show.

  • There is so much to learn about 401k’s that most don’t know and he did a great job educating people which led to related discussions about:
  • 401k’s – what to know as a participant
  • 401k’s – what to know as a business owner
  • HSA’s – How beneficial these accounts are for retirement
  • Pension plans for the small business owner
  • Roth vs. traditional IRA’s
  • How to prioritize your savings/debt payoff

Kurt is very knowledgeable, clear and relatable when talking money which makes money conversation so much more fun to have. Guaranteed you’ll learn something interesting that you didn’t know but wish you had.

Connect with Kurt at: 952-828-5336 or

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