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Ep. 100 – Rites and Rituals for Your Relationship with Money


Celebrating Money and You show # 100 today!!! Woohoo!! To make it special, we needed a special guest with a special expertise.

Dr. Ahriana Platten fit the bill. As an international speaker, author, and courage builder. She helps people find their purpose and live into it. She’s a master ceremonialist and practical mystic, widely appreciated for her authenticity, her professional insights, and her coaching on the process of change. As the author of “Rites and Rituals, harnessing the power of sacred ceremony” she understands the power of rituals which I believe are a vital part of building a better relationship with money. She understands the relationship between time and money and how to create a life of purpose. Ahriana also coaches spiritual entrepreneurs to understand their work in a business context so they can earn a living practicing and serving in the way they’ve been called.

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