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This complete guide to working smarter and getting WAY more done in WAY less time (and yes, I will give you exactly 47 ½ tips) will create lasting change for those who take the challenge.

  • Learn how you are using your time and where the pitfalls are that are creating all the frustration you might feel about the slow progress you are making and the results you are seeing. 
  • Discover how to focus, prioritize and implement what’s really important and move your business and life forward in a way you have wanted for years. 
  • Understand that while your ideas may be great and your strategies top-notch, without the decision making and implementation techniques that bring them to life, your business may not change.
  • Become a master of productivity and focus, so you can take on the projects that may have intimidated you in the past and skyrocket your business to new levels with ease, grace and without depleting yourself and the other aspects of life. 
  • Live your purpose and make the money you have set your sights on by working smarter and not harder and achieving your goals and best life.

Entrepreneurs are particularly prone to overwhelm, distraction, undirected busyness, procrastination, and “chasing squirrels” in many directions at once.

While we cannot actually control time, we can manage the decisions and choices we make throughout the day and derive more power over our results.  

These proven ideas for taking control of your days (and your future) will change the game for you. There are resources throughout to read, watch or use to help in this process. 

People vary in what works for them, so there are techniques for everyone. Choose the strategies that resonate most with what you need, the ones that can truly solve some of the challenges you are facing in your work and life. Most people struggle with getting the most out of their days on a consistent basis and increasing productivity is the simplest way to reduce this.

The important thing is that you find the tools that work for you to create the ease, organization, and focus you need to achieve amazing results that you’ve not seen previously.

You will find out more about yourself and how you work best, and self awareness is everything in life! Then you can continue to choose additional tools that will work best for you!  

If one you try isn’t for you, there are plenty of other options. This is a comprehensive list that encompasses personality types, as well as most of the reasons that productivity may feel elusive for you. These tips are chosen because they are proven to work in a short time frame. 

Make the decision to find your flow and freedom with these liberating productivity habits