My Reimagine Abundance program is an immersive and short program designed to introduce you to what a "money mindset" is, reveal insights about your relationship with money, and how it is affecting your work and life.

This program is a mini VIP day format (at significant savings). You will receive my tried and true money personality assessment. In addition to the assessment and my analysis of the results, I will also show you:

  • How to use the secrets of your money archetypes to rework your relationship with money from crippling to empowering.
  • How to upgrade your money beliefs to drive better decision making in all areas of life that improve your wealth and abundance prospects.
  • The secret that all successful achievers & business owners need to learn to create prosperity and security in their lives.

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What do successful business owners and professionals know that you don’t? They know their Secret Money Personality.

Discover Yours in Step 1 of this Quickstart program

with a proven assessment that reveals deep seated (unconscious) money beliefs that drive your behavior and decision making.

You will see very quickly where your relationship with money has strengths and challenges and how they are showing up consistently in your life.

You are then equipped with the understanding and knowledge to leverage your strengths and minimize the challenges for a new, much improved, and happier relationship with money.

Sacred Money Archetype Pages

The Big 4 - Poor Money Habits

Most money problems go on for too long. You might know something is a problem, but be almost paralyzed when it comes to doing anything to change it. That is, in part, because the struggles are caused by habits and patterns (archetypes or models of behavior) that control our actions. They are patterns derived from early beliefs, never questioned, and taken for granted to be the only way. These patterns sabotage our goals of building financial wealth and well being.

These patterns fall into the following four categories:

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Earning Less Than You Could

Could you earn more in salary or business income than you do? What’s keeping you from bringing in the revenue that you want to live the life you envision? Self-imposed limits aren’t always obvious. Patterns of earning less than you could are costly (especially if they go on too long) and frustrating, diminishing your self worth or sense of value for your services. This perpetuates the underearning state of being.


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Chronic Debt

The pattern of incurring chronic debt and paying interest forever is one that people find demeaning and burdensome. It can be like pushing that boulder uphill. Especially if you are paying minimum amounts on loans. You can feel very trapped and hopeless, constantly working to pay off loans that don’t go away. Debt itself is not really a problem, but it requires good decision making and proper management or it quickly becomes an expensive weight on your shoulders.

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Difficulty Saving Money

How many times have you promised yourself that you would begin saving more money and failed? The pattern of saving too little or none at all is disempowering. Savings represent security, growth and freedom and are fundamental to building net worth. Living without savings is limiting and frankly, scary. People often give up before they start because they feel their contributions would be inadequate. This is a false belief as savings compound over time. The habit of saving any amount is most important to get you started.

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Financial Avoidance

For many, tracking money, budgeting and staying on top of their finances is something to run away from. Even if you delegate your money management and it’s getting attention, you still remain in the dark. Then without noticing it, your decision power is lost. Addressing your finances head-on brings power back because financial freedom comes with engagement. But before getting engaged, you need to be aware of your relationship with your money, so you can engage in a positive way.

So, let’s stop all this nonsense right now!! It’s a myth that it’s hard to do.

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Nice to meet you, I'm Michelle Perkins, Founder of Limit Free Life.

Many years ago, I took a very special assessment and realized everything about the beliefs and habits that had caused a downward spiral in both my financial situation and my self confidence. I had plenty of financial know-how as a former CPA, but it wasn’t a lack of knowledge that led me down that path, nor could knowledge change the course. Something else was going on and I didn’t understand it until I became aware of my money archetypes. That was a turning point for me and as a result:

  • I was able to detect my emotional pitfalls with money
  • My finances skyrocketed
  • My decision making shifted toward a more empowered life
  • I gained control back and was able to reinvent myself and my relationship with money

I want to share it with you so you can shift your life.

If you don’t know and understand the beliefs and emotions that are controlling the decisions you are making, little will change. Deep awareness will allow you to fully view your relationship with money. This understanding is the gateway to change and then change can be easy.

Begin today to understand your money patterns and how you relate to money, so you will know:

  • The secret barriers you must break through to earn and keep the money you need and want.
  • Why the practical advice you receive from money experts will not help you — and what you really must know to ensure you attract the abundance you crave (then go back to the financial advisors)!
  • Why the one thing no one teaches you about money could be the one key to living the abundant life you dream about.
  • The eight ways you might be showing up in your financial life (and the formula to leverage your strengths and minimize your challenges).
  • The five best and simplest ways to improve your financial life that you can implement now.

Watch your relationship with money become one of your best relationships — it will surprise you to find joy and a sense of well being from your money. The financial challenges you have will melt away over time as you gain control and goodwill toward your money.

The assessment and additional exercises will help you gain overall control and empowerment over your behavior and decision making with money. Whether you need help creating better boundaries, communicating powerfully, or eliminating excuses, these exercises will leave you with greater awareness and commitment to change, as well as the blueprint to maintain it.

As a bonus, we will schedule a follow-up conversation to integrate the material further and provide accountability and additional steps.

Reimagine Abundance was created to help you begin this new journey toward a positive and powerful relationship with money. I know what this can do to create a more Limit Free Life and I can't wait for you to see the changes in your life.


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