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Episode 126: Income Generating Skills for the Future


Michelle Perkins shares ways to future-proof yourself in our changing world. She talks about the  importance of developing future job skills. The discussion focused on various skills such as AI, sustainability, social media, communication, and trade-related skills. She emphasized the need to understand and improve financial skills as a crucial aspect of personal and career development. Her company Limit Free Life® was created to help people to live their best work lives and find more than money from their work. Staying on top of the ever changing job landscape will keep you able to find or create work you love.

The podcast highlighted the significance of staying up to date with evolving trends in the job market to remain competitive. Michelle also mentioned the importance of having a better understanding of one’s financial situation to make informed decisions about career choices and earning potential. Overall, the podcast emphasized the importance of continuously upgrading skills, including financial literacy, to thrive in the ever-changing work environment and create the freedom you want.

Summary of podcast tips:

Some skills that can help future-proof your career include AI skills, sustainability skills, social media skills, communication skills, and trade-related skills.

AI can be used to support and assist in various jobs, even if it’s not the main profession. Learning how to use AI as a tool can be a valuable skill to bring to the table.

Understanding your money is as big a skill as any other when it comes to developing yourself. It can help you determine if you need to earn more money, how much you need, and how to make more money in different ways and in different industries.

Trade-related skills, such as fashion, plumbing, and electrical work, are considered important for the future because there will always be a need for people in construction, maintenance and manufacturing roles. These skills are evolving technologically with the changing times, making them valuable areas to get into.

Improving financial skills can lead to better understanding of one’s financial situation, potentially leading to career changes or job satisfaction improvements. By learning how to make more money and manage finances effectively, individuals can make  more informed decisions about their professional paths.

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